Why successful people hire a Coach?

For a professional athlete it is unthinkable not to be trained by a coach. There is no real benefit in doing it alone. In the business world or for creative professional it is more rare to be able to see the team of support behind the successful individual. In your career you might be able to reach a certain level “by yourself” but to achieve your personal breakthrough more is needed.

A Coach offers you a new perspective, one that is linked to your goals. Because trusted people in your life might be able to offer you opinions, but most likely linked to their own interests. As a professional Coach I am dedicated to your best version. In the beginning of our Coaching commitment we are defining tangible objectives of our collaboration. Yes, Coaching is a team effort. I can only support you as much as you are willing to change and grow.

My coaching is straight forward to the solutions you are inquiring for. The Coaching process enables you to cut through the noise and see clearly what is truly relevant for you right now. There is an immediacy in speaking towards reaching your goals that works as a catalysing force.


What makes Coaching special?

I am not only offering you guidance for the time of our mission, but providing you the tools and techniques itself so you can use the same model for future transformations.

Instead of following my mothers footsteps in becoming a therapist, I chose Coaching. Because instead of investing into the problem, I am focusing on balancing a persons life. The problem is only one part of the equation. There is more elements which produce happiness, growth and fulfilment.


  • clearly determining your objectives and following through

  • mental breakthrough ability

  • emotional balance

  • understanding of personal self sabotage mechanisms (getting out of your own way)

  • training of leadership qualities


You can choose between different programs:


3 months program

one session per week  • 60 MINUTES

Ideal if you are about to launch a new project (website etc.). This Coaching programs is to support you in realising a new step in your professional and/or personal life.


3 sessions

one session per week • 60 MINUTES

Gain clarity about a particular theme/ prepare for a job interview/ clear an emotional blockage






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