She somehow has the ability to see beyond the limitations of the mind, beyond the confused dialogue and into the truth. She helped me realize a true heart desire I had and she guided me to overcome all the blockages that were there so that I could experience this truth about myself. I feel so empowered and thankful because now I know how to act from my power and not from my lack. - Montse Carillo, Yoga Instructor, Mexico

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“After 3 sessions with Clara I reached the level I tried to get to the last 3 years. To work with her is like travelling by a silver hi-speed jet: fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the flight.” -

Victoria, Designer Tineola, Berlin


“Because of Claras Coaching I am able to take decisions from my gut. I am more efficient, than I could have imagined before. I am more relaxed and have more energy available.”-

Simon Hegener, Senior Business Analyst, Zurich

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“To listen to my inner voice and being open to change and accept emotions connected to that- this is what Clara accompanied to. With her calm, positive and empathic way- which can defiantly we transmitted over Skype- could she give me tools which i can use today not to fall into my old patterns.”-

Selina , Yoga Instructor Shanghai


I was in the midst of several intense life transitions when I met Clara. She helped me find my natural flow of being. Together we crafted some strong metaphors and principles that guide my actions and also helped me create a beautiful website, a representation of me and my work that I had been longing to have for years - Simone, Conflict Mediator and Facilitator, San Francisco

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"Since I listen to my inner voice, I begin to see that life helps me"

- Elisa Franck, Paris, Video Artist

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Clara has been an enormous aid in helping me to expand into greater dimensions of my personal and professional life. So grateful for her support.

Maegen Alma Omega, Artist, Berlin