What distinguishes our retreats from others?

First let’s determine our definition of HOLISTIC: Our retreats include practices and transformational learning for

1.) Your Health (Improving Thinking Ability, Emotional intelligence and Physical condition)

2.) Your relationships

3.) Your Wealth

We offer this complete package of all areas in Life, as a missing one could be the leaking area of your WELL NESS.

Our retreats focus on bringing balance to your life. Instead of chasing to erase a never ending stream of obstacles, you are able to skilfully see them as opportunities. This mindset shift brings peace to your life. Our retreat is not (just) a pampering of your body and ignoring the underlaying pain, but revealing the blockages that are the root causes of problematic patterns in your life. Obstacles are often us standing in our own way. In other words: the lack of awareness can be the loop hole for us tricking ourselves and sabotaging our own life.

Our retreats offer space of growth and understanding of yourself. By experience this approach let’s our participants return to their home with higher awareness and with an improved personality of generosity.

The ambience of our retreat is straight forward in conveying the message in a pleasant surrounding (one beneficial side effect of having a FengShui master in our team).

The retreat is held in optimal locations, contributing to best conditions of positive life improvement.


Exclusive Retreat

Our healing modalities can be customised to your needs and availability. We design a deeply transformative and nurturing retreat especially for you.


5 Star experience (all included)

You book the flight, and from the moment you touch the ground, we take care of your well being. A driver will pick you up from the airport, bringing you to the accommodation we suggest to you (there is different options available). We design a retreat schedule that aims to meet your specific needs.

One example day could be:

8am QiGong Practice

9.30am breakfast in your hotel

11.30am Learning Session / Consultation

1pm Healthy delicious lunch (prepared by our expert cooking team)

3pm Learning Session

5pm Massage

8pm Dinner

All meals are contributing to your ideal diet.


Group Retreat

We keep the size of our group small, for an optimal learning and healing experience. There is the option to join a group by sending us an inquiry or we can build a retreat for a group context you are choosing (the management of your firm/ your family/ etc.)

Within the group retreat you still enjoy many options in designing your individual day by choosing different treatments, trips and the accommodation you are staying in.