Chinese Astrology Reading


Our Chinese Astrology Consultant comes from a background of business, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming ) and many years of studying with renowned teachers from China, The States, the UK. He has assisted thousands of clients around the world, making sustainable decisions, increasing their self knowledge and gaining confidence.

The Chinese astrology is exact, in this reading you don’t get any vague statements. Our consultant can offer you in depth insights of your current living reality, proofing his knowing with details from your past and predicting the future unfolding.

This reading is not to say, that all our lives is already written and we have no part to take in how or life moves. It is more likely the opposite: by knowing your personality (not your identify and stories) you are able to take control of your tendencies. You are taking responsibility of where you are at now and you get clarity on how you can positively impact your life.


Feng Shui Consultation

on site only

You are planing to buy a house.

You want to improve the capacity of your business.

These are big projects and require a detailed viewing by our Feng Shui master. He will look into the natural surrounding of the place, the building plan and the goal this object is supposed to serve.

Thanks to the ancient art of Feng Shui you can save yourself from making a major mistake by picking an unsuitable house. You can improve your relations inside of this house.

The results of our Feng Shui consultant are precise and predicting an accurate outcome of choosing the suiting location constructing the house and designing the interior.


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