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Exclusive One on One Coaching Programm
3 Months process

Establishing emotional intelligence, strategic thinking and embodiment of your values. Clara Hahn offers one on one Coaching sessions over Skype to reach her clients around the world. Her coaching method stands out with her fresh way of effortlessly conveying practices from varies fields supporting a profound personal development.

varies dates

To deepen your personal development you might want to change your surrounding for a short time span to intensify the results of your investment in yourself. We offer private retreats in Bali and Europe. Register in our newsletter for announcements or request your customised experience.

Insights and Guidance
Single Session

Knowing your personality can offer you deeper understanding in making important decisions. Our consultant Jonwin Lee has 20 years of training in an ancient eastern wisdom and offers excellent insights for individual solutions. After a 90 minute call you can know more about yourself than years of therapy/ coaching might be able to convey to you.


Clara Hahn

Coaching that aims to crystallise the core of your being to the level of your everyday life. By creating the life scenario which represents your rich inside, your creative soul and highest objectives.


Our Values

We provide a confidential space for your unfolding to blossom. Committing to your next step towards success and fulfilment takes courage and the willingness to be seen vulnerable. Our Consultations and Retreats are designed to transform emotional blocks into clarity, stagnated thinking patterns into flourishing strategies and an embodiment of your shining inner self.


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