My daughter is not a POUPETTE

My daughter is not a POUPETTE

Living in an other culture you encounter many things that are strange to you, because you were not raised with it being “normal”. Some of these cultural difference are funny and pleasant like the two kiss framing an meeting, or the long meals ending with cheese. And then there are these differences that just feel wrong.

When my daughter gets called a POUPETTE it feels wrong each and every time.

I know that it’s meant in a sweet way. It’s like saying “my love”. It has a nice sound and french people have learnt this word to be positive.

From the first time I heard my mother in law say this word to my daughter it just made a bad feeling in my stomach area. That was even before I tracked back, where this word origins.

I just couldn’t understand why you would want to call a girl puppet? Especially now that there is a general raising of consciousness with the help of #metoo. We understand now, that girls can have a hard time being used and over powered. So why wound you want to call your girl puppet? A puppet is an object that is passive and moved in what ever way desired. There is no own will, only a nice smilling face that comforts.

We think for months for the right name for our children, debate with our partner, read name origin stories and take care of current name trends.

Calling your child with nicknames has a similar effect as a name. We speak to them through the shape and sound of a word. And especially through meaning.

For me a name is like an ally for us. We are literally named by it. I am named by Clara, and yes Clarity became my program. I am a Coach and help people stepping into clarity.

My nickname was “Pipi Langstrumpf” (Pipi Longstocking)- a wild girl who can do the impossible. She is independent and creative.

We are full of love for our children and try our best to show this love in all our actions to them: how we call them, cloth them, how we raise them. We do our best- all of us, i know. That’s why I want to contribute with raising awareness with cultural heritage that is worn out. Raising daughters as puppets was wrong, we know that now. So let’s change also these parts of culture where the old way of thinking is still embedded (letting girls play with dolls and not useful tools like boys get to play with, dressing them in light colours so they are not supposed to get dirty…)

The nicknames I have for my daughter keep changing.. sometimes she appears to me like a little tiger, a koala, i call her love, light, kolibri… but mostly I like to call her by her name: Aya.

Clara Hahn